Valeria Sweet is a storyteller on screen, creator off screen, and an award-winning producer. She is known for action thrillers and romantic dramas. Described as femininely charismatic, she plays Bond Girl types, charming villains, and double agents.

She was born in the city of Kazan, Russia, where East meets West. Having then grown up in US, she built on her essence of European vibe and sophistication to acquire Old Hollywood Glamour. She retains fluent Russian, which she spoke in the feature Lubov v Gorode Angelov (Love in the City of Angels) of Sarik Andreasyan and Rob Riggle's Loaded Vodka commercial. Her knowledge of Spanish also lead to playing Latinas in Jane the Virgin and Mayans M.C. Her other skills include hand-to-hand stage combat, precision driving, and on-set gun handling.

Stories she likes to tell have elements of romance and fateful connections, which can be seen in her mini-series Red String of Fate. Her experience in life coaching lead her to create a dramedy series Elle For Love, based on her mindset and relationship book, The Most Wanted One In the World. And Valeria's fascination with all things art, 1800s, and young adult television, gave rise to the aesthetics of the mystery series Contenders of the Last Will, which she based on her high school experience.

As a writer and creative producer, she loves creating stories and making them come to life. She loves pre-production and being on set, but also has filmmaking skills and has directed her own work and produced many others. Valeria loves people and stands for diversity in casting and diversifying crews. 


Currently Filming - Film "Damnation",

written and directed by Sean Decker

Currently in Post Production - Mini-Series "Red String of Fate", written, directed, and produced by Valeria Sweet


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Currently Pitching

Coming soon... Los Angeles, CA 

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