Plank your way to the solid core and a summer body all year long! In just 21 days (long enough to form a habit), you will strengthen your abs, core, lower back, spine, arms, back. Improve your balance, posture, endurance, and form!


Get Access to this Workout if you:


1. Want to add exercise to your routine but don’t know where to start

2. Want to get killer abs but don’t really like to exercise


I feel you. I never liked PE. I was always bored with exercises. If I was going to do them, they had to be easy enough to be quick, fast, and work out everything all at once.


Planks have become my answer to everything.

Bored? Plank.

Sad? Plank.

Having relationship troubles? Plank while reading one of my Books 😉🥰


I’ve always watched what I eat but I only really started taking care of my body within the last few years after a health setback. So I decided to move.


I stay fit but sometimes you need that last push for a photo or film shoot, vacation, premiere, special occasion, etc.


What started as a basic Plank Challenge to be able to plank for 10 minutes straight, turned into a lifestyle and a movement. I put together my full-body plank workouts, meal tips, workouts FAQ, and motivational videos to keep you going. I’m so happy to be able to share all of my knowledge with you and help you add exercise to your routine! If you follow this program, it will keep you motivated and disciplined.


I’m excited to celebrate you! I hope you enjoy my workouts and meal tips!



"Highly recommended! If you would have told me in day 1 I’d be able to do plank exercises for 4-5 minutes straight without a break, I would have considered you nuts. I feel stronger and more energized. (And my stomach is a litte flatter and more toned, which is a nice bonus). A daily healthy to do with some accountability is exactly what I needed."



Babs Doodkorte


"This is the class I didn't know I needed! I liked how Valeria structured it. I thought it would only be fitness, but there was mindset and diet plan as well. The way Valeria eased us into Intermittent fasting really worked for me. Thanks!"


Christie K.

Body by Valeria -- Plank Challenge Program

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