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Valeria Sweet The Most Wanted One In the

Hello Sweet Friend! 

 I'm Valeria Sweet. I'll help you see the possibilities of having what you want - 

a purpose-filled career, soulmate relationship,

and a healthy mindset!

Want to meet a romantic partner with whom sparks fly AND things are easy? Get my book The Most Wanted One In the World! 

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“I did a big thing the other day, I completed the online interview for a position. I've been thinking a lot about what you said about journaling and thinking about goals you want to come true.”


“I just finished 11th chapter in my book. Thank you for reminding me to make time to sit down and write.”


"Thank you so much for inspiring me. I feel like I have been sitting on these talents that everyone always praises me for and tells me I should do something with but I never do because I'm afraid of abandoning my home and going out on my own and failing. Thank you for giving me someone I can watch succeed and live out their dreams."


“Love the blog, it truly helped me! My favorite part was you need to learn to be where you are and more present and be more aware of situations that happen in front of us daily. ”

"I've been doing what you said and journaling a lot. It really helps keep track of my feelings and lets me leave it on the page instead of carrying it with me!"


“You know the right way. Thanks for the guidance best muse friend.”